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Our Froyo, Your Health

People have been making yogurt for over 4000 years. Frozen yogurt has recently exploded onto the food industry scene because of the known health benefits and delectable taste. Years of studies have established the benefits of yogurt in the digestion of milk proteins, lactose intolerance and calcium supplementation. More recent health studies have also determined that yogurt produces a gastrointestinal bacteria that may protect against cancers of the colon and breast. All of our frozen yogurt varieties are non-fat or low fat and contain active, live cultures; most are gluten free as well. Perhaps more importantly, our frozen yogurt tastes delicious!

You can click on the link below to view our nutritional facts and ingredient list of all of our frozen yogurt flavors.

Download Nutritional Facts Here

Toppings Galore!

• Andes mint™
• Almonds
• Blueberries
• Boba
• Brownie bites
• Butterfinger™
• Cap n’ Crunch™
• Cappuccino Crunch
• Caramel Turtle Cups
• Cheesecake Bites
• Choc. Covered PB Cookies
• Choc. Covered Pretzels
• Choc. Covered Strawberries
• Choc. Covered Sugar Cones
• Choc. Covered Waffle Cones
• Chocolate Chips
• Chocolate Shavings
• Chocolate Sprinkles
• Cinnamon Toast Crunch™
• Cocoa Pebbles™
• Cookie Crisps
• Cookie Dough Bites
• Dark Raspberry Cups
• Fizzy Crackling Candy™
• Frosted Animal Crackers™
• Fruity Pebbles™
• Graham Crackers
• Granola
• Grape Jelly
• Gummy Bears
• Gummy Fish
• Gummy Worms
• Heath™ Bar
• Honey
• Hot Caramel
• Hot Fudge
• Kiwi
• M&M’s™
• Mango
• Marshmallows
• Melted Marshmallow
• Mochi
• Nerds™
• Nilla Wafers
• Oreo™
• Peach Rings
• Peanuts
• Pecans
• Rainbow Sprinkles
• Raspberries
• Reese’s™ Cups
• Reese’s™ Pieces
• Shredded Coconut
• S’mores Crunch™
• Sno-Caps™
• Strawberries
• Strawberry Jelly
• Sugar Cones
• Yogurt Chips
…much more!